Every time I move away from somewhere, I realize certain things I miss, and find ways to adapt.  There are so many great things about Ireland I enjoy.  If I was having better luck at finding local work, I would be able to enjoy them more.  The local pubs always have good trad sessions going, and I have always LOVED trad music.  Even if I just have one pint, and get a cab home, it’s more than €10 Euro. I don’t think there are many times I just have one to be honest. The other thing I love doing here is just going for a drive (Americans…don’t call it a ride here!) And taking photos, or just enjoying the countryside (which is the whole country.). 

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on my licence 3 months later, and it will probably end up being restricted to automatics (impossible to find in this country) whereas in America and Canada we don’t have separate licenses. My advice would be to just go through the test process instead of exchange.  

Finding work here locally is very tough as a local, let alone a foreigner who doesn’t have even an E.U. citizenship.  I just got two job offers though, so hopefully after the second interviews they will be solid.  

I’ve been listening to one of my favorite albums: “Nighthawks at the Diner” by Tom Waits lately.  I used to get up at the crack of noon, or later, and work all night at my studio and before that, a bar or music venue.  Playing music into the wee hours and watching the late night characters over a corned beef on rye and coffee and pie at 3am.  The jazz and blues clubs got to know me well, and whereas the local pubs here are more if a social atmosphere…the jazz clubs and some bars in the u.s. are more geared to letting people disappear and blend into the darkness.  A calm, dark corner was always available after a long day or night, the diner was always a few blocks away open to serve day old pie and mud coffee 24 hours a day.  It’s probably better to be here now as I need a bit more structure these days, a change.  All of the things I miss are great, but nothing I can’t live without and it makes them all the more special for when I go visit home, or any of the other places I’ve lived, as a tourist or visitor.  

Although I would love to introduce a late night business here, something different, it wouldn’t fly.  It seems the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Is more of a religion here.   There are only a certain type out all hours here, with a complete lack of other late night jobs and businesses… there is no further demand.  The same goes with the food.  There’s a certain take on every cuisine, and new or unknown things don’t do entirely well.  Perhaps I’ll check out the cities and do further research, but living in Dublin is completely out of the question considering living and rent expenses vs a pay rate that isn’t much different than the rest of the country.

I’ll have to roam Cork and Kilkenny soon to check out the life there since they are near enough.  I’m looking forward to getting citizenship here so traveling and doing business within the EU will be easier then.  

I’m going to RE-ignite a project I started in America…going to pubs and recording stories and conversations of everyday folk…stay tuned. Good luck!

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