All dressed up and nowhere to go.

I finally got my belongings after having to pay a customs broker to put thru the paperwork and have customs inspect the shipment. Initially the company in the United States wanted an extra thousand dollars for delivery to the new house from Dublin.  I decided to get it myself until the customs broker told me they could arrange delivery for only €135 …no brainer considering a truck rental plus expenses and time would cost more for me.  The rates for just the paperwork I was annoyed with, but I had no choice.  

So now I have my studio equipment, my suits, clothes, tools, and everything else.  The fly in the ointment is that I still have no licence… they told me 5-6 weeks at application, online and officially, they say two to three months…fingers crossed.

So now I apply to every job I can find online, and though I’m overqualified for all of them, the most trepidation I’ve been observing in interviews is that I’m foreign, American… I have a stamp 4 residency, which requires no work permit, basically the same rights as an Irish citizen.  Unfortunately I don’t think the employers understand this and seem to dismiss my cv.  It’s a large inland town, but not a city, and not flush with opportunity so the jobs are few and far between.  Public transportation is limited and time consuming so I’m limited to local jobs at the moment.  I can go out and make contacts, I can offer NY services, but only in a limited sense.  My photography can only be within transport locations and times, my audio services are limited until I can convert some items in my equipment inventory, or until I can transport it.  

So what good does it do to have your tools and your fine clothes if you have nowhere to go?

It will work out some way, some how, until then ask I can do is keep at it.  There are so many people with amazing skill sets out there, there should be a better system to take advantage of this.  Currently, bureaucracy in Ireland impinges on this by requiring so many different certifications, licenses, and classes just to qualify for simple things.  A course on wearing reflective clothing can cost hundreds of Euro and a wait list.  On the job training and cheap certification are only a tiny part of Ireland’s unemployment problem In my opinion, but part of it none the less.  It is the same with the drivers licenses and insurance, one of the most stringent and expensive in the world.

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