I’m here, now everyone wants proof.

So I arrived to my nice little gatehouse in rural Ireland. I’m happy I got here in one piece, and my things are in route across the sea.  Despite the accomplishment, there are so many things I need to do to get settled.  I need a bank account opened, utilities set up (internet, refuse, phone, etc…), get a vehicle and insurance, exchange my drivers license, and a few other things I’m forgetting.

In order to get some of these things, I need a bank account, in order to get the bank account, I need utilities or some other proof of address.  Even if I could get utilities, I’d need two months worth of bills…  I could get something from a government body, but for some reason, revenue.ie won’t let me register online for some reason related to my pps number.  I went to the intero office (things related to employment/social welfare) and they told me that my PPS number is active and they don’t know why it would have shown otherwise!  So now I’ll have to get in touch with revenue and figure that out.  I have no idea what all the abbreviations stand for, how I’m supposed to register a sole trader/self employed business…and everything government related takes forever here.  Not only that, but there are so many different offices, I’m likely to get sent around all over again.  Without a vehicle, everything is difficult and time consuming.  I could use the missus’ bank account to get things moving, but it’s still not ideal or smooth. 

As far as the bank account, they need proof of address, my lease agreement is not acceptable for some reason. I could offer two forms of proof of address in the United States, but for the purposes of sending me the bank card, that’s problematic and time consuming.  I plan on going to the gardai on Wednesday to check in, renew my residency, and change my address, so hopefully then I’ll be able to get something!

I am not able to get a bill pay phone due to lack of bank account, and no proof of address, I was lucky enough to be technologically savvy enough to root and unlock my US Verizon phone for use with a foreign sim card.  If you don’t have an unlocked global GSM phone, be prepared to shell out big bucks to get one and use a prepay sim card.  

I still have yet to buy a vehicle from donedeal.ie, and get insurance, but I did get recommendation for where to go to get insurance quotes in town and will be doing so tomorrow.  In Ireland, the process of buying a used car is actually much easier than in the United States.  If the tax and inspection (DOE/nct) are good, it transfers to new owner.  The plates stay with the vehicle as well.

Here’s updated licence info though… even though I’ve got a license from Ontario they will transfer, the process isn’t that simple or quick, and unfortunately it can take 2-3 months.. not only that but insurance for non Irish licence holders is drastically higher these days.  I’m on a shoestring budget and can’t afford to be paying the high rates, nor can I afford to wait two or three months for my license.  I also need to have both medical end eye forms filled out which were not required in either country I’ve been licensed in previously….Ireland…why!?!!!?! I went into the Canadian center, and within a half hour I walked out with a licence, they did eye test at counter. All I needed was multiple ID forms and a driving abstract.  I really don’t know what I’m going to do as I’m relying on getting a vehicle for almost everything. I might have to get another job in the interim if this turns out to be too much, and it will really throw a stick into my wheel spokes…jobs are hard to come by in this country, hence my plan to be self employed.

All I can do is try and pray at this point. 

I think the biggest hurdle in my entire transition is the driving part. I understand not wanting to have too many drivers on the road, but this is just ridiculous.  

Off to try and de-stress.  It’s ironic, one of the biggest reasons I chose to move here, besides love, was too have less stress, and due to bureaucracy and poor policies, I’m getting more stressed by the day, and my savings is going to start evaporating quicker than planned.  I had hoped to be working within the first month, but without mobility, I am unable to do so right now.  So I’ll go get quotes as a non Irish driver and hope I don’t leave with an aneurysm.


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