Re-Potting, shaking off the roots, and all your early possessions.

Out of the myriad of places I’ve moved to, this one adds up the most.  It’s one thing to throw your stuff in storage, or above a garage somewhere then move off for a year or three somewhere; To move with the intention of staying indefinitely brings all the extra mayhem.  My mentor always said that you should RE-pot yourselves every ten years or so, shake off your roots, and settle into a new pot with new soil.  We all have ornaments we carry with us through the years, but we also collect a lot of junk and dirt.  This applies both mentally and to your earthly possessions.  I spent half my life and counting learning from one of the top 100 art and antique collectors and dealers in the world. He was a horse Jockey, actor, and any other thing he could get into. His wife is equally as amazing and varied. Though he passed away, his wife continues on to teach me.  I was urrounded by collections of oddities from around the world, fine art, primitive to modern.  Pollocks, Smith sculptures, Pedro Friedenberg furniture and works, antique European furniture, the list goes on for miles.  Cultural influences in their customs and knowledge bled through and made me dead set on doing as much as I could. I learned to bend and break rules, how to blend in seamlessly whether amongst wealthy socialites or in a hole in the wall in a place you’ve never heard of.  All the time having fun, poking around battlefields and learning history lessons or hanging out with..people on the fringes of society.  

You could imagine that He, his wife and daughters would collect so many things over the years, houses becoming archaeological time lines…yes, and no.  There was always something I had never seen before, and to this day that is true.  That being said, the houses were never cluttered, just incredibly varied.  Things would be sold, collections gone, and new ones came… our interests change through the years, and we can’t hold onto everything.  I love the idea of selling everything, or giving it away, but I love having memories and weird, quirky things around me.  Not to mention the tools that make me money.  So shipping was a must….

Famous last words of someone I’m sure.  I unfortunately am not well off, and I can’t afford to send everything I own to Ireland.  If you are moving a house or apartment, furniture and all, moved for you…I would say you’re looking at somewhere dancing around 6-10,000 USD.  If you select carefully, you can trim it down to a few big pallets and pay 2-3 grand door to door.  I chose two pallets, I’d deliver to port, and pick up at the next port of Dublin.  I got it down to 800, but that’s not including packing materials, hiring a customs broker to clear my goods at the other end, and renting a truck.  I had to itemize everything in case customs wants to check, and that’s a multi day task when you have a load of random small things.  

So everything is packed there and ready to go.

Now how do I pack all if the things I’ll need for the next 4-8 weeks on the plane with me? I don’t know, and I don’t really want to think about it but in less than two days I’ll be on a plane, one way.

I’d love it if the customs guys look in the golf bag and see studio monitors, hard drives, chimney sweep tools, and a pair of cowboy riding boots I forgot to stick in the steamer trunk. 

Of to the port tomorrow to see if it’s all good to go…

Seriously, just get rid of everything.


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