Nightmare time!

So, everything’s set for me to leave in one week… except for one tiny detail. I have no place to live!  I was originally hopeful when I saw a few places on months ago, but I didn’t consider that Ireland gets inundated with tourists and visitors in the summer. The festivals, races, matches…now all that’s available are expensive properties close to hotel prices.  So my plan to look for places while staying in an airbnb has gone south.  While I do have the missus, she works sporadically, and has limited transportation.  So, I’ve been calling places, and most of them are run by property management groups.  They all have dozens of people applying, and there are mostly multi bedroom houses available, the small places are very hard to come by in this area.  Here’s another rub…I’m self employed.  I can’t show a job offer in Ireland except my word.  This is a problem for the Realtor listings.  I can offer to pay multiple months up front, but only to private landlords, and so far, when I offer to pay some in advance, they take the opportunity to try and get more, increased security, etc…

Recently, while viewing a place for me, the Irish princess had to walk in the rain unexpectedly and was offered a ride by another girl viewing the house. She seems very nice, quiet, and agreeable, so now we are looking for something to share temporarily. But…she has a dog!  To be continued…


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