Age regression

I’ve owned my own house, two successful businesses,  and have been playing adult for many years.  I now find myself in a strange place of not being able to find a reasonable accommodation where I need to live.  It’s not just the price, nor the number of available properties…  Ireland’s public transportation system is ok if you live in a central or major town/city, but otherwise, you’re on your own.   I’m going to buy a vehicle as soon as I get there, but what if it breaks down and I need to get to an auto parts store?  Here, we also have rural busses that will pick up along many rural routes at un designated locations.   Not in ireland!
There’s also the lack of month to month, or any short term rentals at all.  I can’t view the property to find out about the neighborhood and neighbors,  I can’t afford to be stuck in a year long lease when everything is so uncertain.  Next, the time difference makes it hard to call the property owner/manager, especially if the phone tag starts.  One way phone tag as they won’t call international… 
So, my options now are…luck. or finding a house share and moving in with two to four strangers, which I vowed never to do since I was 24.  Even if you are friends with your roommates,  there will be problems eventually,  at least with more than 2 or 3 people.   Strangers are worse.  What can I do? It seems impossible to take care of anything when you’re not in country and I don’t know anyone who would let me rent a room or even a finished garage!  Not only that, but Irish culture isn’t really conducive to that kind of offer or request anyway.  As I’ve said before…Family is family and friends are friends,  home is for family only really.  If I called a friend anywhere in the US, Germany,  Australia,  Japan,  Sweden,  I could crash in a spare room or couch for a couple weeks…some places, even friends of friends… I am in a strange place where the only people I know in ireland can’t drive, don’t have space, or know anyone who does. 
Even the house shares are saying no couples, and though my lady won’t be living there, people get annoyed if she was there all the time….usually, but
I’ll wait to judge that until I talk to the people in question.
On a side note, regarding car insurance… foreign drivers beware!  If you don’t have an Irish license…prepare to be bent over the table on insurance cost!  Recently the insurance companies DRASTICALLY increased rates for non Irish license holders.  So if you can, exchange yours… even if you have to go through the classes and pay €600 do it, it will still save you money! 
More updates to follow.


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