All work and no accommodation makes Joe a stressed boy.

I’ve been going through a series of crazy obstacles to get myself to my new home in Ireland.   I’d say that the hardest part so far has been finding accommodation from afar. Granted,  I do have someone there that can go look at the place,  but she can’t drive so if it’s out of town,  she would have trouble viewing it.   The accommodation market in Ireland usually consists of places with minimum one year lease,  house shares, or large houses.  I’m not sure what area of town I want to be, what the neighborhood is going to be like living in,  etc… I don’t want to be stuck in a place that I don’t like.   Airbnb was something I have been checking,  but its been hard finding something that is reasonable,  and available for the time I am moving,  perhaps summer wasn’t the best choice,  but I don’t really have a choice!
I’m sure that in a pinch I could find a room share,  but I haven’t done that since college,  and it’s risky as you are exponentially increasing your possible exposure to annoyance at the hands of strangers.  I am easy going, and respectful,  I can get along with people just fine… but let’s face it… I don’t like most people in large doses.  As long as i’m being honest, I am much more susceptible to developing pet peeves when living with people that are not love or kin. 
So what to do? I can only keep checking the sites and posting an ad for accommodation wanted. ? I can network, and pass the word around.   Checking every day multiple times is a must, as everyone goes to just one site to look, and most properties are posted on multiple sites anyway.
Good Luck!

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