From the land of milk and honey, to the vale of honey.


It’s sad to leave your home, but it’s even more sad when you’re so fed up with the course of the country, that you feel almost glad to leave.
When it gets to the point where you realize you have no voice, and things just aren’t changing within your lifetime, but rather, getting worse.  I’m about as patriotic as they come; I love my country and that will never change. I pay taxes and will continue to do so even overseas.  I vote (whatever good that does) and will continue to do so.
As a citizen of the United States I still have to file taxes every year.  Many other countries have the same deal. The US, and Canada are the only countries I know for certain about, but I do know that you can get tax credit for taxes paid I’m foreign countries, and you usually don’t have to pay unless you make a good chunk of change each year (90,000€) or more a year…don’t quote me on that. 
In the U.S. we have absentee ballots for voting overseas, while Ireland doesn’t allow their citizens to do the same, so you’ll have to check your individual countries.
I’ll be reporting on the taxes in Ireland soon. As you know the only things that are certain are death and taxes!


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