Overseas shipping….great…


International shipping can be daunting and complicated, especially on a budget.  Air freight is very expensive, and not an option unless you have a good amount of money to play with so you’re looking at ocean freight of you’re moving overseas.  There’s a great company called Kontainers, but currently, they are mainly for container consolidation/freight forwarding out of the UK.  I am shipping from the US to Ireland and have a very tight budget.  I got a few recommendations from friends that have moved overseas, but they were both expensive options, and were more moving companies rather then freight forwarders.  There are a few sites, but if you search for international moving, or ocean freight, you can find a site like http://www.internationalmoving.com that will send information you enter to multiple shipping companies that will give you individual estimates.  Get multiple quotes…It’s a must!  I got extremely varied quotes. The thing is, shipping isn’t all that expensive, but companies can charge exorbitant amounts,as you need them to do the shipping.  You should also try to balk at the prices, or try to whittle the price down a bit, let them know you’re getting a better price elsewhere and that you’ll have to do a little more research, they might be able to go down. 
You have multiple options:
Full Door to door means they will come and pick the goods up, palletize it, ship it, complete customs forms, then deliver it to your destination.  Everything listed can be done by either you, or the company… except, of course, for the actual shipping.  You can choose to bring it to the port, and they do everything else.  Maybe you want to pick up from port, and complete customs forms yourself, the bottom line is, you can mix and match the services and each affects the price.  For door to door, you might pay $2,000 USD and for just basic shipping, with customs forms, 400.  I personally think it’s well worth the fee to have them complete the forms and deal with customs, as they are familiar with the process therefore steam lining it. 
Also consider that the speed is slow, it will take weeks to get your things to the other port, then sorted and through customs.  You’ll have to ask the company for average times so you can plan accordingly.
If you’re picking up from the port yourself, they will call you when you can pick up your shipment.  If you don’t have access to a lift gate box truck, or loading docks, and you’re shipping pallets and heavy objects, you are going to have to go door to door service. 
I’ve been having a hard time getting the amount of things to be moved down to a reasonable level, we don’t realize how many things we accumulate until it’s time to move!  If you can store the items with someone until after you move, and arrange shipping once you know where everything is going,and what you really need,
and you’re more settled, you’re lucky, take advantage of it!
More to come once I finish MY shipping escapade!

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