I thought that sign was absolutely hilarious, being from New York and all.  Here it would probably read “Traffic Slowing” or rather, “Speed limit reduced ahead” And Traffic is everything BUT calm!  Even if you aren’t late here, you drive like you are, impatience is the defining characteristic of New York drivers.  New Jersey drivers are a whole different breed, as are Boston drivers.  Irish drivers are actually pretty good compared to most countries, they can really whip around those narrow back roads, and I don’t see the stupidity I see here and other places around the world.  I would hate to credit the stringent driving licensing process, as i’m about to go on a rant about it, but I guess it could be part of the reason for the pleasure of driving over there. (Ignoring the tractors and haywagons you get stuck behind constantly.)

I’ve been driving, without accidents, or a single speeding ticket (God only knows how that’s the case), for 15 years.  I’ve driven in multiple countries, and Ireland is definitely one of them.  I thought that because I didn’t even need an international driving permit to drive in Ireland, that my license would transfer fine.  Perhaps I would have to take a quick test, written or driven, but how hard could it be?  If I were to just be visiting Ireland, my license would be good for one year of driving, no problem.  In my case, I would be staying permanently, so I don’t get 12 months, I get none.  I would have to apply for a LEARNERS PERMIT, then PRAY that they waive the 6 month mandatory waiting period before I could sign up to PAY for 12 lessons at 50 Euro a lesson, that’s 600 Euro altogether.  These lessons are also supposed to be spaced out by two weeks each, and i’ve been told there’s no guarantee that they will allow me to take them more quickly than that.  Then, I have to pay 80 somthing euro to take the driving test.  The driving test centers can only pass a certain number of people per day, so some people get failed for very stupid reasons and are forced to pay the fee again to re-test.  I forgot to mention, you also need to pass a written test (that’s fine, how hard could it be?)  You also need: Your application, ID of course, NDLS medical form (what’s that?)

Evidence of IBT (what’s that?)

Evidence of CPC (you lost me…)

Evidence of Address

Another fee….



The PPS number was a nightmare, but probably only because I didn’t request it because of this.  I’ll get into that later.


So… You expect me, A man with my driving record, also trained in high speed maneuvering and pursuit, who has driven almost every kind of vehicle at some point, Tanks, planes, motorcycles…to pay for some poor soul to teach me which pedal is the brake pedal, how to share the road, and where to put my hands on the steering wheel?! I think  not emerald isle, I think not.   It’s not just because of my pride, though, I do have some of that rattling around somewhere…it’s the extortion aspect of it all.  There is no way that all of this is ANYTHING but EXTORTION!

I hate having principles sometimes, but there you go…

I would not be able to move to Ireland for a while if I were to go through all that, my work depends on being a driver, being mobile.  It would be one thing if I lived in Cork, or Dublin, but i’ll be working all over Tipperary, all small towns, and my house will be outside of town anyway.    I can’t live off savings for months at a time, bleeding money, to go through that.  I would have to hope to find a job in small town Ireland.  Currently, there aren’t that many jobs, decent paying jobs, in Ireland to begin with.  Add all the other expenses in, and my wife being in a difficult position currently, and you get a disaster and hardship waiting to happen.

I’m lucky enough to only be 6 hours away from a country that Ireland actually wants people from, us yankees don’t get a free ride anymore!  I will just have to update when I find out if my plan to take over works.

I’ve been running into roadblocks the entire way! I suppose it’s time to get back to those roadblocks on another post!  Thanks for stopping by kids!  Check my next post to find out about more fun I had in my process!


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